Vending Programs


Interested in a comprehensive inventory control solution that will significantly reduce costs and increase productivity? W. Lewis Sales Co. can provide a personalized vending programs for shops of any size! Let us help you significantly lower your costs AND increase your productivity. 

Reduce Your Costs
  • Reduce up to 50% of your inventory spend.

  • Control and monitor employee/department spending.

  • Reduce slow moving, obsolete, and dead inventory through inventory tracking. 

  • Machines installed at NO COST to you on many vendng programs. 

  • Free delivery and product replenishment through Pinnacle significantly reduces delivery/shipping costs. 

Increase Productivity
  • Automate your processes of ordering, receiving, stocking,, managing, and tracking inventory. 

  • More accurate job costing/bidding and demand planning. 

  • Allows for 24/7 access to supplies, while reducing stock-outs.

  • Helps eliminate employee down time and wasted time traveling to and from the tool crib.

  • Allows management and staff the freedom to perform functions outside of purchasing/inventory issues.

Flexible Solutions
  • Pinnacle is experienced with vending machine set-ups and complex installations.

  • Continuous troubleshooting and technical support by Pinnacle.

  • Vend both large and small items, including tools, safety supplies, inserts, laptops, gloves, etc.

  • Can vend thousands of SKUs. 

Employee Accountability
  • Ability to track usage and costs by job, department, or user.

  • Reduce your consumption, theft, and product 'hoarding'. 

  • Control access by individual item, machine, job, department, etc.

  • Identify users who break or consume tools at high rates and potentially solve underlying issues.